Part 1 – 7 Ways to Improve Prostate Health in 90 Days

Part 1:

If you are reading this, you are probably male and that means you probably have a prostate! (It’s a walnut shaped gland that sits just in front of your rectum, and it’s important because it makes that nutrient rich white fluid that contains your sperm.) So, here’s what you need to know to look after your prostate!

1. Be proactive, rather than reactive! If you close your eyes and imagine you have in your possession your favorite car, maybe it’s a Jaguar; maybe it’s a Ferrari, a Mercedes Benz or a Porsche. Hey maybe it’s a Holden Ute! Now let’s say that there is a law that you only get one car in your lifetime, it can be whatever car you want, but it has to last you FOREVER. Well you are probably going to make sure you make the most of it but you are also probably going to want to take good care of it, aren’t you? To make sure it performs optimally and can last the distance you would want to service it regularly, put the right fuel in it, check the tyre pressure every now and again. It wouldn’t be a good idea to wait for the oil light to come on in your Ferrari before you check the oil, but if you did, you certainly wouldn’t ignore it.

Sports cars and bodies have a lot in common, they are very valuable, they are expensive to fix when they break, but with a bit of TLC they will take you great places and give you incredible thrills along the way. Unlike cars though, bodies are irreplaceable. Don’t wait until you have a prostate problem before you act, there is no need for you ever to experience that sort of pain, discomfort or threat. You’re a man, you want to function like a top of the range sports car, not a car wreck!

Terms you might hear doctors using when things go wrong or your prostate is not in tip top condition:

– Prostitis (inflamed Prostate, uncomfortable but not usually life threatening, and should be acknowledged as a warning)

– BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) (doesn’t mean cancer, “uncomfortable” condition that can lead to serious symptoms)

– Prostate Cancer (usually they surgically remove the prostate, this may affect urination and sexual function for the rest of your life).

Check out the list below, here are some things you can start doing straight away to take care of that very valuable asset, your prostate! If you already have a prostate problem, let’s get to the root of it and get your body working on itself again, you will especially benefit from the nutrition tips in Part 2.

Prostate cancer if found and treated early is usually not life threatening, so don’t be afraid to get it investigated. And get started today on loving that vehicle (the one you live in), pick something you aren’t yet doing and start there.

Supporting and Healing:

2. Service your Ferrari!

One vital stat for you to know and an easy first step is to go to your doctor and request a blood test. You want to get your Homocysteine levels tested. High Homocysteine levels are a strong indicator of disease risk, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and very many other diseases. (It’s quick to get it tested and relatively easy to “fix” or bring down once you know). If you have high levels (ideal levels are 6 or below) you are probably deficient in a few nutrients: Zinc, B vitamins (especially B2, B6, B12 and Folate) and something called TMG (Tri-methyl-Glycine).

You can get all these nutrients from food, green vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables, broccoli, and whole grains, for the Bs, TMG is present in Broccoli so eat lots, you find Zinc in pumpkin seeds (pepitas) and oysters, but if your homocysteine is 9 or higher, it is a good idea to start with a supplement to reduce it. It you are a vegetarian it is a good idea to be supplementing B12 (sublingually- which means under the tongue!) Deficiencies in these nutrients will have a knock on effect throughout your whole system, including your prostate.

Another useful blood test (which the doc will probably do automatically) is your hormone levels: ensure your testosterone, prolactin and estradiol are within normal ranges.

3. Use the Right Fuel!

The right fuel is comprised of a variety of foods that contain loads of nutrients; these are usually foods that most closely resemble their original form. Seek out whole foods, oats and muesli rather than other processed cereals, whole fruit rather than jam and juice.

Studies suggest some of the most important nutrients to ensure prostate health are Zinc (found in seafood and seeds e.g. pepitas), Selenium (found in nuts like brazil nuts), amino acids (protein), lycopene (found in tomatoes and watermelon), isoflavones (found in soy), B vitamins (green leafy veg, beans, grains, chicken), antioxidants (vitamin E and C especially) and the herb Saw Palmetto.

More specific nutrition tips are contained in part 2.

4. Give your body what it needs to boost performance and run smoothly. Here are some Supportive Supplements to improve prostate health!

– Saw Palmetto

– Vitamin E and Selenium (1000-1200 IU of Vitamin E, 200 -400mcg Selenium as amino acid chelate)

– Flaxseed oil (a tablespoon full a day)

– Vitamin C (2000mg ester C or non-acidic variety a day)

– B6 (25-50mg pyridoxine) have a suppressing effect on prolactin

– B complex, TMG and Zinc (if you have elevated Homocysteine levels, there is a great book called the H Factor by Patrick Holford).

5. Take it for a regular spin!

Probably one of the best ways to prevent prostate cancer is to masturbate regularly! Research shows that men who ejaculate more than five times a week are a third less likely to develop prostate cancer later in life! (M://

6. Don’t put foreign matter in the engine. Avoid toxins and stressors!

– Alcohol is toxic to your body. Limit your consumption to 12 standard drinks a week, but better still challenge yourself to have 4 a week if you can!

– Caffeine, enjoy a maximum of one coffee or tea a day, ideally limit coffees and Ceylon teas to one or two a week. Enjoy herbal teas instead, especially green tea and Rooibos tea. Treat soft drinks like coke (including the light or zero varieties) and energy drinks like Red Bull as rare treats.

– Processed foods usually contain chemicals, additives, and artificial ingredients that are carcinogenic (cause cancer) which is what you are trying to avoid, so eat nutrient dense whole food rather than processed food.

7. Know how to read the signs!

Symptoms to look out for when things are not 100%:

– painful urination or ejaculation

– difficulty urinating in the morning

– low back pain

– frequent urges to urinate

– a weak stream of urine

– when you have finished urinating having a feeling that you still need to go but “can’t”

– small amounts of blood in your urine

– You are over 50 (which puts you in a “high risk” age category)

If you follow these 7 tips to improve your prostate health you can look forward to not only a healthier prostate but also a healthier, more energetic, hardier, fuel efficient sports model of yourself!

Finding a Mall Parking Spot Using Mathematics – Part II

If you read the previous article on this topic, then I imagine you were quite piqued by the nature of its contents. How we use mathematics to find a mall parking spot is not a typical thing you would hear people discussing at their Christmas parties. Yet I think anyone with a modicum of human interest would find this a most curious topic of conversation. The reaction I usually get is one of “Wow. How do you do that?”, or “You can really use mathematics to find a parking spot?”

As I mentioned in the first article, I was never content to get my degrees in mathematics and then not do anything with them other than to leverage job opportunities. I wanted to know that this newly found power that I studied feverishly to obtain could actually inure to my personal benefit: that I would be able to be an effective problem solver, and not just for those highly technical problems but also for more mundane ones such as the case at hand. Consequently, I am constantly probing, thinking, and searching for ways of solving everyday problems, or using mathematics to help optimize or streamline an otherwise mundane task. This is exactly how I stumbled upon the solution to the Mall Parking Spot Problem.

Essentially the solution to this question arises from two complementary mathematical disciplines: Probability and Statistics. Generally, one refers to these branches of mathematics as complementary because they are closely related and one needs to study and understand probability theory before one can endeavor to tackle statistical theory. These two disciplines aid in the solution to this problem.

Now I am going to give you the method (with some reasoning–fear not, as I will not go into laborious mathematical theory) on how to go about finding a parking spot. Try this out and I am sure you will be amazed (Just remember to drop me a line about how cool this is). Okay, to the method. Understand that we are talking about finding a spot during peak hours when parking is hard to come by–obviously there would be no need for a method under different circumstances. This is especially true during the Christmas season (which actually is the time of the writing of this article–how apropos).

Ready to try this? Let’s go. Next time you go to the mall, pick an area to wait that permits you to see a total of at least twenty cars in front of you on either side. The reason for the number twenty will be explained later. Now take three hours (180 minutes) and divide it by the number of cars, which in this example is 180/20 or 9 minutes. Take a look at the clock and observe the time. Within a nine minute interval from the time you look at the clock–often quite sooner–one of those twenty or so spots will open up. Mathematics pretty much guarantees this. Whenever I test this out and especially when I demonstrate this to someone, I am always amused at the success of the method. While others are feverishly circling the lot, you sit there patiently watching. You pick your territory and just wait, knowing that within a few minutes the prize is won. How smug!

So what guarantees that you will get one of those spots in the allotted time. Here is where we start to use a little statistical theory. There is a well-known theory in Statistics called the Central Limit Theory. What this theory essentially says is that in the long run, many things in life can be predicted by a normal curve. This, you might remember, is the bell-shaped curve, with the two tails extending out in either direction. This is the most famous statistical curve. For those of you who are wondering, a statistical curve is a chart off of which we can read information. Such a chart allows us to make educated guesses or predictions about populations, in this case the population of parked cars at the local mall.

Charts like normal curve tell us where we stand in height, let us say, with respect to the rest of the country. If we are in the 90th percentile in regard to height, then we know that we are taller than 90% of the population. The Central Limit Theorem tells us that eventually all heights, all weights, all intelligence quotients of a population eventually smooth out to follow a normal curve pattern. Now what does “eventually” mean. This means that we need a certain size population of things for this theorem to be applicable. The number that works very well is twenty-five, but for our case at hand, twenty will generally be sufficient. If you can get twenty-five cars or more in front of you, the better the method works.

Once we have made some basic assumptions about the parked cars, statistics can be applied and we can start to make predictions about when parking spots might become available. We cannot predict which one of the twenty cars will leave first but we can predict that one of them will leave within a certain time period. This process is similar to the one used by a life insurance company when it is able to predict how many people of a certain age will die in the following year, but not which ones will die. To make such predictions, the company relies on so-called mortality tables, and these are based on probability and statistical theory. In our particular problem, we assume that within three hours all twenty of the cars will have turned over and be replaced by another twenty cars. To arrive at this conclusion, we have used some basic assumptions about two parameters of the Normal Distribution, the mean and standard deviation. For the purposes of this article I will not go into the details regarding these parameters; the main goal is to show that this method will work very nicely and can be tested next time out.

To sum up, pick your spot in front of at least twenty cars. Divide 180 minutes by the number of cars–in this case 20–to get 9 minutes (Note: for twenty-five cars, the time interval will be 7.2 minutes or 7 minutes and 12 seconds, if you really want to get precise). Once you have established your time interval, you can check your watch and be sure that a spot will become available in at most 9 minutes, or whatever interval you calculated depending on the number of cars you are working with; and that because of the nature of the Normal curve, a spot will often become available sooner than the maximum allotted time. Try this out and you will be amazed. At the very least you will score points with friends and family for your intuitive nature.

Tremec TKO Transmissions Part 1 – TKO-500 and TKO-600 Features and Background

Tremec is an OE transmission supplier that manufactures manual transmissions for Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, Aston Martin, TVR, and many different medium and heavy duty truck applications. Their TKO is a high strength 5-speed overdrive manual transmission that was originally designed to be retrofitted into Mustang Fox body cars to replace the weaker T5, but will also bolt up to the standard Ford four speed passenger car bellhousing. When Tremec realized that enthusiasts were adapting it for GM applications, they decided to make it a little easier for folks (and capitalize on a huge opportunity, too) by producing a GM version of the TKO.

The GM version will bolt directly up to almost any standard Chevrolet/Buick/Olds/Pontiac passenger car four-speed bellhousing. Though only Ford and GM versions of the TKO are available, Mopar enthusiasts can get all the custom parts they need to adapt a Ford version TKO to virtually any Mopar V8 engine. The TKO has never been OE equipment in any production car, although its great-grandpa, the Tremec TR-3550 was in a limited-production Ford Mustang Cobra in the mid 1990s. The TKO is purely an aftermarket transmission designed for high-performance cars.

There are three basic models available, the TKO-500 and two variations of the TKO-600. The wide-ratio TKO-500 is rated for a continuous 500 lb.-ft. of torque, and offers a deep 3.27:1 first gear ratio and a 0.68:1 overdrive ratio in fifth gear. The close-ratio TKO-600 is rated for a continuous 600 lb.-ft. of torque, and has a 2.87:1 first gear and either a 0.82:1 overdrive or a 0.64:1 overdrive ratio in fifth gear. The rated torque capacities are said to be quite conservative, as there are a significant number of cars in the field with engines that exceed the torque rating by a large margin, and failures are rare.

The TKO uses a three-rail internal shift mechanism, eliminating any external linkage and the problems that go with it. The short throw billet aluminum shifter can be removed, flipped 180 degrees, and then reinstalled to provide an additional shift position. Optional custom shifters are available in several different configurations to mimic the shift positions in various musclecars. The TKO utilizes cast iron shift forks, a one-piece counter shaft, and tapered roller bearings on the input, output, and counter shafts for added strength.

Every TKO transmission provides both mechanical and electronic speedometer outputs. The mechanical output is a Ford design, but you can get hybrid speedometer cables for GM or Mopar applications. They also feature a reverse light switch and a neutral safety switch that can be wired into your vehicle’s existing harness. The transmission has an internal reverse lockout feature that prevents you from accidentally going from fifth gear into reverse. You have to go into the center of the “Neutral” gate before it will allow you to shift into reverse.

The Tremec TKO is an excellent choice for the musclecar or street rod owner that enjoys rowing his own gears and wants to drive his car to distant car shows or other events. I have one in my 1967 Pontiac Firebird and have driven a number of other cars with TKO transmissions installed. The overdrive makes a huge difference on the highway, and there aren’t many other transmission choices out there with overdrive that will stand up to the kind of power that the TKO can take. None of the other overdrive transmissions available at this time offer as much versatility as the Tremec TKO.