What Are All the Exterior Parts of a Car?

Did you know that there is more to a car than just its good looking shell and impressive engine? The car would never be as impressive if it didn’t have all the other components that make it a functioning system. Parts that improve performance and protect other components will be discussed in this article. The list includes fenders, bumpers, bonnets, engine splash shields and, of course, the wheels and shape of the actual shell.

Bumpers: besides that it can be a decorative part on the exterior of the car, it also has an important function. It is the part that gets hit first before the rest of the car gets damaged upon impact. This does not help the driver if there are high speeds involved but rather in the event of the parking accident or minor fender bender.

Bonnets: this is the obvious one on the list. It protects the engine from rain and other weather conditions. It is a major shield against dust and contaminants. Remember that like the human body, foreign objects in the blood stream could impact the functioning of the entire system. Clean fluids are important in the engine as it is in the human body.

Engine splash shield: this part is located directly beneath the engine. It is made of a heat and corrosion resistant plastic that is usually attached with a special resin. This has the same function as the bonnet but from the bottom. It may be called a splash shield but it also prevents any dust, stones and mud from entering the engine. If this part is no longer attached correctly, you can hear the flapping against the road when driving at high speeds.

Wheels: The whole assembly of the wheel (rims, tyres, axles, etc.) is what gives the car its motion. What impacts the performance depends on the tyres that have been used.

Chassis: The shell of the car gives it aerodynamic capabilities. Air flows easily around an aerodynamic shape because of the lack of air friction therefore the car is able to move faster. Too much of this friction will slow down the car. If the chassis is close to the ground, the aerodynamics is increased.

Fender: a fender is a cover that looks like a frame above the rims. The fender assists with the repelling of particles and objects from falling into the wheel from an above position. Great forces from stones or debris from other cars could damage the wheel greatly. Mud flaps have also been installed in this area to protect the fender from damage. The fender, or wing, can also prevent you from having your brakes repaired.